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My dad 'Mark' recently passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I was talking to him one day happy and healthy and the next day he was gone aged just 56. He had pneumonia that escalated into sepsis and sepsis shock. I had no idea what sepsis was and was so confused and angry. I now know sepsis accounts for up to 44,000 deaths annually in the UK. That’s more than bowel cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer put together. How did I not know about this?


Death from from sepsis can be highly prevented with early diagnosis. I feel that I need to make more people aware of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for sepsis and would very much like to start a charity enabling me to do this through media, charity events and publishing. With this, I would also like to raise money for early diagnosis machines that can reduce the sampling time from 5 days to 3-4 hours! This is something very dear to my heart and will be starting the ball rolling on this soon. I have set this page up as an initial crowd fund raising project to get it off the ground and hopefully begin the road to successfully saving lives.


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