Our Story

Our dad had passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. We were talking to him one day, happy and healthy and the next day he was gone aged just 56. He had an infection that escalated into sepsis and sepsis shock. we had no idea what sepsis was and was so confused and angry.


We now know sepsis accounts for up to 44,000 deaths annually in the UK. That’s more than bowel cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer put together. How did we not know about this?


Death from sepsis can be highly prevented with early diagnosis. This site exists to make more people aware of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments for sepsis through media, charity events and publishing.


We also like to raise money in various events throughout the year for research and development in early diagnosis machines that can reduce the sampling time from 5 days to 3-4 hours!


This is something very dear to our hearts and hope we can help raise awareness of sepsis and save more lives.